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Family Resource and Youth Services Centers

“Whatever It Takes” has been the byword for 26 years for the Kentucky Family Resource and Youth Services (FRYSC’s)
to help all children learn despite barriers to their education. Program Coordinators do whatever it takes to bridge the gaps
to reduce barriers, so all children and youth can stay in school every day and empower students and their families from
birth to college and careers.
“Kentucky’s program is one of a kind as it encompasses the entire state and has been functioning for 26 years,” said Dr.
David Hornbeck, former Philadelphia Superintendent of Schools and most recently Superintendent of Maryland Public
Schools. Dr. Hornbeck was the chief architect of the FRYSC program and the landmark KERA legislation. He said, “It is
good for the children, and it improves education performance and it is the right thing to do!”
The statewide program is a key component of the KERA legislation, and was recently cited in the “Transforming
Struggling Schools into Thriving Schools” national report as a “beacon for success,” pointing out, “and then there is
Kentucky FRYSC’s in a class by itself.” Fifteen educators toured FRYSC Centers and are using Kentucky FRYSC’s as a
template for introducing legislation in those states based on the FRYSC model of excellence. “FRYSC’s touch everything
in the school so they have a valued part in the success of everything that happens within the education system, including
academics because of their educational support components.” Kentucky’s best kept secret is on the national radar.
FRYSC’s serve as the hub and catalyst for bringing the
community into the schools and bridge the gaps to help alleviate barriers to student academic success.